GoPro channel launches on Xbox One

GoPro-Hero3-Surfmount_3GoPro has launched an official channel for the Xbox One that gives Xbox Live members access to GoPro videos to stream on-demand. The channel is available to members worldwide, and has launched with four videos exclusively for the Xbox Live community including footage from Chicago rooftop jumper Ethan Swanson. With the GoPro channel, viewers can also share their favorite videos with friends, and purchase GoPro accessories and cameras all while on the Xbox One.

To get the app channel go the Home screen of the Xbox Store and select the Apps category. Then, you should be able to see GoPro in the New Releases section. Or, you can try a voice search by saying “Xbox, GoPro.”

At the beginning of the year the GoPro app was released for Windows 8, followed by the GoPro channel for Xbox 360 in April. Microsoft claims over half million Xbox 360 users have already download the channel, and watch an average of 18 minutes of GoPro videos each session.

Source: GoPro


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