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DirecTV promotion offers free preview of XTRA package

directv-logo-300pxOn Monday, Aug. 26, DirecTV will start a promotion which gives subscribers a free preview of channels in the XTRA service package, including popular networks such as BIO HD (Ch. 266), DIY (Ch. 230), HUB (Ch. 294 in SD), NatGeo Wild (Ch. 283), NBA TV HD (Ch. 216), NBC Sports Network (Ch. 220), NFL HD (Ch. 212), and Ovation (Ch. 274 in SD). The preview includes approximately 15 high-definition channels you would not receive with lower tier packages.

The free channel preview is a bonus for customers who subscribe to DirecTV’s lower tier ENTERTAINMENT and CHOICE packages. The XTRA package includes over 60 more channels than CHOICE, and over 70 more than ENTERTAINMENT. The EXTRA package is DirecTV’s middle tier TV service that provides over 205 digital channels for $70.99 per month.

Take a look below where we’ve listed all the HD channels included with EXTRA. The rest of the 60 channels included in the preview are broadcast in standard-definition.

The DirecTV EXTRA free channel preview will run for one week, starting Monday, Aug. 26 and ending Sunday, Sept. 1.

DirecTV EXTRA HD Channels (“free preview” indicates HD channels not provided in lower tiers):

  1. 3net
  2. A&EHD
  4. AMCHD
  5. APLHD
  6. AUD HD
  7. AXSTV
  8. AXSTV
  10. BTNHD
  11. bioHD (free preview)
  12. BETHD
  13. BTVHD
  14. BRVOHD
  15. CNeHD
  16. CBSSNHD (free preview)
  17. CMTHD
  18. CNBCHD
  19. CNNHD
  20. COMHD
  21. COOKHD
  22. DESTHD (free preview)
  23. DSCHD
  24. DISeHD
  25. DSJRHD
  26. DXDHD
  27. DIYHD (free preview)
  28. E!HD
  29. ESPH
  30. ESPN3D
  31. ESPN2HD
  32. ESNHD
  34. foodHD
  35. FBNHD
  36. FNCHD
  37. FSCHD (free preview)
  38. FS1
  39. FS2 (free preview)
  40. FSAZHD
  41. FXHD
  42. GALAHD
  43. GOLF (free preview)
  44. H2HD (free preview)
  45. HALLHD
  46. HLNHD
  47. HISTHD
  48. HGTVHD
  49. IFCHD
  50. IDHD
  51. ionEHD
  52. LIFEHD
  53. LMNHD
  54. MLBNHD
  55. MNBCHD
  56. MTVHD
  57. n3D
  58. NGWHD (free preview)
  59. NGCHD
  60. NBAHD (free preview)
  61. NBCS (free preview)
  62. NFLHD (free preview)
  63. NIKeHD
  64. OWNHD
  65. QVCHD
  66. SCIHD
  67. SpikeHD
  68. SyfyHD
  69. TBSHD
  70. TNNSHD (free preview)
  71. SPMN (free preview)
  72. TLCHD
  73. TNTH
  74. TRAVHD
  76. TCMHD
  77. TVLDHD
  78. UNIVeHD
  79. USAHD
  80. VEL
  81. VH1HD
  82. TWCHD
  83. WGNHD (free preview)


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