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Dish Network loses local channels in 36 markets

DISH_Network_logo_newIf you’re a Dish Network subscriber and were watching TV late last night you may have experienced channel blackouts. Dish’s deal with Raycom Media ran out at midnight on Aug. 1 so the company pulled the plug on 53 local channels in 36 markets. Local channels at that time may have been broadcasting late night favorites such as Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC), Late Show With David Letterman (CBS), and The Tonight Show With Jay Leno (NBC) as well as local programming.

Dish Network blames Raycom for the outage stating “Unfortunately, the broadcaster [Raycom Media] has not been willing to pursue an agreement that would have avoided this disruption of service to our customers and Raycom viewers.”

Raycom, on the other side, claims to have been trying to work with Dish for “several months” to resolve the issue. According to Raycom Media President and CEO Paul McTear, “We understand this is frustrating for DISH Network customers, we share their frustration, and we are committed to doing everything we can to resolve this issue.”

Dish Network insists they have offered the same rates as their competitors, and that Raycom has “stalled negotiations.”

Meanwhile, subscribers have no access to local channels Raycom markets. Customers can, however, use an antenna to tune-in to local channels (even in HD) over-the-air.

The action affects viewers of various ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC-affiliated stations in the following markets: Cleveland, Ohio (CBS); Panama City, Fla. (Fox); Montgomery, Ala. (NBC); Knoxville, Tenn. (Fox); Savannah, Ga. (CBS); Toledo, Ohio (CBS, Fox); Columbus, Ga. (ABC); Richmond-Petersburg, Va. (NBC); Cincinnati, Ohio (Fox); Jonesboro, Ark. (ABC); Tyler-Longview, Texas (ABC); Biloxi-Gulfport, Miss. (ABC); Paducah, Ky. (CBS); Honolulu, Hawaii (CBS and NBC); Tucson, Ariz. (CBS); Shreveport, La. (CBS); Baton Rouge, La. (CBS); Charlotte, N.C. (CBS); Charleston, S.C. (CBS); Ottumwa-Kirksville, Mo. (Fox); Birmingham, Ala. (Fox); Dothan, Ala. (Fox); West Palm Beach, Fla. (Fox); Augusta, Ga. (Fox); Lubbock, Texas (NBC); Lake Charles, La. (NBC); Huntsville-Decatur, Ala. (NBC); Albany, Ga. (NBC); Louisville, Ky. (NBC); Hattiesburg-Laurel, Miss. (NBC); Wilmington, N.C. (NBC and Fox); Evansville, Ind. (NBC); Columbia, S.C. (NBC); Jackson, Miss. (NBC); Florence-Myrtle Beach, Fla. (NBC); and Memphis, Tenn. (NBC).

Also affected are various CW and MyNetworkTV channels in five markets: Baton Rouge, La.; Cleveland, Ohio; Honolulu, Hawaii; Paducah, Ky.; and Richmond-Petersburg, Va.

Sources: Dish Network, Raycom Media

Jeff Chabot
Jeff Chabot
Jeff has a background in photography, video and television production. He writes about technology, broadcasting, home theater, and digital entertainment.


  1. I would encourage the two parties to solve this issue quickly. My concern for Raycom Media would be to solve things quickly so you do not loose views long term. As part of the baby boom viewing audience, our TV watching is driven by habit. By forcing viewer to go to other stations for such things as morning shows, news, and late night tv, we may find other stations we enjoy as much. Once the issue is solved our habit may be to stay where we were force to go.
    I understand this is all money driven, but I would encourage the networks to help force a solutions, as they are the ones that will loose long term market share.


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