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Sony promises repaired PS3 4.45 update

ps3-slim-console-crop-logoFor those of you staring blankly at a bricked PS3 all week, or waiting on the edge of your heels for an answer to the flawed 4.45 update, Sony has promised a repair will be released on June 27. What time exactly? We don’t know. But according to PlayStation Community Manager Morgan Haro the issue has been identified and a new system software update is “planned to be released.” The issue, which apparently affected a small number of PlayStation 3 systems, caused the XMB bar to not display — therefore rendering the console useless. Sony quickly took the update offline, after PlayStation forums were flooded with posts. Without the XMB bar, users only have the option of restarting the PS3 and reinstalling the software, which did not solve the issue. Cold boots (unplugging the PS3) would not work either. Sony says they’ll provide instructions on how to fix the system upon release of the update. You can check out the PlayStation thread here.

Source: Sony PlayStation Community Forum

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