Comcast reveals Xfinity X2 Platform

comcast-x2-interface-mosaic-1Comcast customers who already have the Xfinity X1 Platform will appreciate the new features of the next-generation X2. Using more cloud innovation, X2 promises to be “smarter and faster,” with a more personalized interface accessible across multiple devices including TVs, PCs, phones, and tablets. Highlights of X2 include a new customizable dashboard, enhanced personalization with more recommendations, integrated multi-platform content, and social integration like movie ratings from Rotten Tomatoes. The new platform will also incorporate a feature available with the current X1 platform that lets you send a web page to your TV (for example, if you want to watch a web video on your HDTV). Comast says the new X2 Platform release will be available to customers later this year.


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