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Sony Pictures releases 4k Blu-ray titles

spider-man-4k-blu-rayAs a follow up to our earlier article about new Blu-ray Disc releases this week, let’s look a bit closer at what makes this Tuesday a bit special from other weeks. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has launched a total of ten films “Mastered in 4k” Blu-ray today that are optimized for 4k Ultra HD TVs. (True 4k films are only available as digital files on the 4K Ultra HD Video Player.) Thankfully, the 4k Blu-ray titles are playable on Blu-ray Disc decks and the PlayStation 3 — no special 4k player required. And, the high quality format will work with existing 1080p HDTVs. But if you already own a 4k Ultra HD, you’ll no doubt be picking up some of these “Mastered in 4k” titles (which are reasonably priced, by the way), to give you much more detail than a standard Blu-ray Disc.

Sony’s “Mastered in 4k” releases today to Blu-ray include Angels & Demons, Battle Los Angeles, Ghostbusters, Glory, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Karate Kid, The Other Guys, Spider-Man, Taxi Driver, and Total Recall. Sony claims the 4k films are created from “the highest quality 4K source materials” and take advantage of expanded color when using xvYCC-compatible TVs and Blu-ray players. Each of the 4k editions also provide redeemable codes for UltraViolet digital copies.

4k Ultra HD offers four-times the resolution of the current HD standard of 1080×1920 (2.1 megapixels), measuring at 3840×2160 (8.3 megapixels). The format greatly improves video quality, removing any visible pixels (known as jaggies), and closing the gaps between pixels (referred to as the screen door effect).

Sony sells an 84″ 4K Ultra HD TV that starts at $24,999. The company is also taking pre-orders on the 55″ and 65″ XBR 4K Ultra HD TVs, priced at $4,999 and $6,999, respectively.

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