VIZIO enables Google TV with Co-Star Streaming Player

Want to try Google TV for about 99 bucks? VIZIO has announced the Co-Star Stream Player with built-in Wi-Fi which lets you enable Google TV on any HDTV. The player connects to your cable or satellite box and merges live and streaming content. While watching live programming on TV, you can access apps, browse the web in full-screen (if you like), dive into OnLive cloud gaming, or access other web-services such as Netflix and YouTube. The Co-Star supports Google Chrome, HTML 5, and even the fated Adobe Flash. VIZIO’s Co-Star player supports 1080p HD video, 3D video, USB, and DLNA. The Co-Star comes with a universal touchpad remote which allows tapping, scrolling and dragging and features a full QWERTY keyboard. VIZIO’s Co-Star will be available for pre-orders in July, with free shipping from while supplies last.


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