New ‘Battlefield 3’ PS3 patch allows dedicated servers

This week a Battlefield 3 patch will launch for PlayStation 3 which allows console gamers to rent their own dedicated server for online multiplay. DICE made the announcement early this month which will let console players have the same kind of fun PC gamers have had in choosing maps, modes and setting the approved servers to private or public access. The new Battlefield 3 patch contains a slew of enhancements including turning off anti-aliasing to reduce input lag and improvements to the minimap. The path also includes a bunch of vehicle and general gameplay fixes. Xbox 360 owners, unfortunately, will have to wait a bit longer for the patch. For a full list of fixes view the Battlefield blog post.

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  1. don't hold for moderation plz! just put it up says:

    Awesome, i can’t wait for dedicated servers for consoles!! the lines between the console and pc are blurring =) all the console needs now is 64player matches are there’s no difference Lol

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