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Watch Netflix on PlayStation Vita

With the official launch of the PlayStation Vita this week comes the availability to stream movies from Netflix on the portable gaming device. PS Vita owners can download the free Netflix app from the PlayStation Store, and link their existing account or sign up for a free trial. It suffices to say watching movies on Vita’s 5-inch display might be a bit more enjoyable than watching on a 3.5-inch iPhone or other smaller smartphone display (and your eyes might agree). You’ll also be able to start watching a movie on one device (like your TV or PC) and continue on your Vita without missing a beat. The Netflix app for Sony’s PS Vita is available today in Canada, the United States and across Latin America.

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  1. anyone do any testing of battery consumption? i wonder if video from Netflix sucks up more juice than video games. im thinking of getting a Vita but already have a DS and iPhone so not sure if worth it.


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