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HBO GO/MAX GO launch on Time Warner Cable with no Roku support

Just in case you missed the news that HBO GO and MAX GO are now available for Time Warner Cable customers, we thought we’d post an addendum to the earlier news of the official launch of the service after a short beta testing period. HBO GO and MAX GO are available for supporting devices via apps, which can be found on the iTunes store and Android Market. However, TWC customers appear disappointed that the service has launched without Roku support. TWC customers are able to log-in and register on the HBO GO and MAX GO websites, but are not able to find support for Roku devices. TWC responded to multiple blog posts indicating the issue is an engineering question, and that any updates would be posted. New HBO and Cinemax customers may have also found they have to wait for access, as the billing might take up to 24 hours to process (and in some cases customers reported 48 hours).

HBO Go and MAX Go were launched in 2010, with Verizon and Comcast among the first providers to offer the services. Dish Network, DirecTV, AT&T and Charter launched the two services last year. Cablevision is expected to launch HBO Go and MAX Go early this year.


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