Redbox gift rentals via Facebook, Email, SMS

Redbox is now offering gift rentals via Facebook, allowing you to purchase a 5 or 10-pack of rentals for $5 or $10 respectively (a discount of .20 for each rental). The Redbox Gifts link will be posted to the recipients wall, which they can then print out or view from a smartphone. You can also purchase a 5 or 10-pack of video game rentals, for $10 or $20 respectively (Redbox officially launched video game rentals nationwide in June, 2011.) Not a Facebook user? You can also send the gifts via email or SMS text, and print out or view on your smartphone when redeeming the gifts at a kiosk. It’s a neat gift idea for friends, co-workers, or anyone who uses Redbox kiosks. Here’s a link directly to the Redbox Gift cart.

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