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Netflix Adds Facebook Sharing Feature

Netflix Fans: Now you can find your Facebook friends on your Netflix homepage and mingle with them, surf Social Rows of movies to watch that friends may have recommended, and more!

Netflix Social shows your friends’ viewing habits (and yours)

What you or your friends watch on Netflix has long been confidential information--until now.

Redbox gift rentals via Facebook, Email, SMS

Redbox is now offering gift rentals via Facebook, allowing you to purchase a 5 or 10-pack of rentals for $5 or $10 respectively (a discount of .20 for each rental). The Redbox Gifts link will be posted to the recipients wall, which they can then print out or view from a smartphone.

Facebook renting Jackass films

Social network giant Facebook is now streaming all three Jackass films within the site itself, a service the company started earlier this year when...

Warner Bros. adds more digital rentals to Facebook

After initially offering users the ability to stream "The Dark Knight" within the Facebook website itself, Warner Bros. has added five new premium titles...

Facebook the new streaming service?

Warner Bros. has started offering streaming movies via their Facebook movie page for "The Dark Knight" -- the first studio to launch such a...

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