Warner Bros. to stall new releases to Blockbuster

28 Days Later was a scary movie, sure, but 28 days later is an even scarier reality for Blockbuster. Starting tomorrow, that’s the amount of time that Warner Home Video will be delaying new releases to Blockbuster and other video stores. Home Media Magazine reports an agreement between the two sides giving Blockbuster access to new films, a full month before Redbox and Netflix, has expired. The report notes the possibility that Dish Network Corp., owner of Blockbuster LLC, is working on an interim solution which would still see new-release Warner titles on shelves on time, with Blockbuster buying the titles at retail and then renting them. [ Editor’s Note ] The LA Times writes that Warner will delay new releases even longer to disc-by-mail and kiosk, when deals with Netflix and Redbox are re-negotiated.

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Sam Jordan

Sam Jordan

Sam Jordan is a freelance writer, editor, and comedian.

3 Replies to “Warner Bros. to stall new releases to Blockbuster”

  1. Monica says:

    What a bold move by Blockbuster!! I praise them for preventing their customers from getting bullied into buying movies just because they have no (legal) viewing alternative for 28 days! I can’t believe Warner Brothers would rather corner their customers than win them over by improving their product because their sales are low; they should be ashamed of such terrible business practices! At least Blockbuster has been improving lately. As a DISH employee and a customer to both Blockbuster and DISH, I’ve seen improvements in both companies since DISH’s acquisition of Blockbuster. I even tried out the Blockbuster Movie Pass recently and liked it so much, I decided to keep it. Integrity is a rare thing in the corporate world so I’m glad to see Blockbuster bringing it back into the limelight!

  2. Sam Jordan says:

    I’m sure Blockbuster was enjoying the recent rash of bad moves/press by Netflix, but it seems like it’s back to being their turn in the barrel.

  3. Nomo Blockbuster says:

    Blockbuster thought it could have its cake and eat it, too, when the cake was available without letting anyone else have some.
    How greedy of Blockbuster. No wonder they are so frowned upon by society. Delusional Dish needs to sell off Blockbuster
    and put its money in more worthy and profitable investments.

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