Sony offers ‘Resistance 3’ with PlayStation 3D display bundle

Sony is now taking pre-orders on the PlayStation 3D display bundle which includes a 24″ 3D display, PlayStation 3D glasses, and MotorStorm Apocalypse game. Those who pre-order before Sept. 30 will also get a copy of Resistance 3 (Standard Edition). At $499, the bundle, along with 3D glasses and two games, is not a bad deal.

The PlayStation 3D LED display produces 1920 x 1080 HD images at 240Hz refresh rate. The display also features SimulView technology allowing two players to view full HD images in two-player mode. The “3-in-1” display will connect to your PS3, set-top television box, and PC via two HDMI inputs and component input.

To check out more details go to and do a quick search for “PlayStation 3D Display Bundle.” The free copy of Resistance 3 should be noted below the “Add to Cart” button.


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