Sony to ship PS3 in new colors

Sony announced the PlayStation 3 will be available in Japan on November 17 in two new colors: Splash Blue and Scarlet Red. Can anyone say, “Yuck?” The included Dualshock 3 controller will also match the color of the console. No word yet on whether or not the new PS3 colors will be offered worldwide. The 320GB “slim” model is no different than the black model and the list price in Japan should stay the same at 29,980 yen. Those aren’t the only colors the PS3 will sport this fall. According to Crave UK, Sony will ship a white model in Europe on November 1. Myself, I own a “Splash Blue” controller and don’t mind the color at all. But I wouldn’t want my whole console to be blue! Does Sony really need to change the color of the PlayStation 3?

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2 Replies to “Sony to ship PS3 in new colors”

  1. robbie in NY says:

    maybe those colors mght be popular in Japan but here I cant imagine anyone buying a red PS3. Sony, keep it simple and keep it black! What you could do to make me happier is reduce the amount of required software upgrades!

  2. jASONB says:

    who gives a crap just want it to work!

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