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LG introduces PenTouch HDTV

LG has introduced a series of plasma HDTVs that are touch sensitive, allowing you to use a stylus pen on the display itself which has a protective scratch-resistant screen. You need to have a PC connected (via HDMI or RGB) to the PenTouch TV to make it work, which let’s you access files, applications, and browse the internet. The PenTouch software is activated via the television’s remote control and also allows simultaneous use of two stylus pens.

The LG PenTouch TV is available in three models: the THX-certified 3D 60″ (60PZ850), 2D 60″ (60PV490), and 50″ (50PV490). MSRPs on the displays list at $2199, $$1699, and $1,099, respectively.

Recommended PC requirements include a dual-core 2GHz CPU, 1GB RAM, 500GB of hard-drive space, and Windows 7 (because of the system’s multi-touch integration). LG also suggests a 1920×1080 graphics card for the 3D display, and 1024×768 card for the 2D displays. Other r

The new TV touch feature is one that might catch on, especially for presentation and educational purposes. But the need to have a connected PC is somewhat awkward. While probably not cost efficient for the mass market, a TV with built-in processor and graphics card, and of course internet access, would streamline the product.


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