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New Blade Runner to leave out Harrison Ford?

According to The LA Times producer Andrew Kosove expects the new “Blade Runner” film to be “wholly original from the first ‘Blade Runner,'” and does not expect Harrison Ford to play a role in the film. However, original director Ridley Scott will return to direct the movie which will either be a sequel, prequel or possibly standalone film. (Kosove did secure the rights to the the first film’s concept based on the Philip K. Dick novel – so you can expect some similarities one way or another.)

Whether or not Ford will take part in the film is still up for grabs, especially considering there is no script written yet. Even so, Kosove expects shooting of the film to start as early as 2013, which would indicate a release date no earlier than 2014. (Interestingly enough, the original “Blade Runner” takes place only five years later in 2019.)

Back in March it was announced that Alcon Entertainment had secured the rights to the classic sci-fi film “Blade Runner.” The 1982 film, directed by Ridley Scott, has become one of the most influential science-fiction films in history. And, although Harrison Ford had at one time admitted the film was one of his least favorite rolls, diehard fans of the film relish in Ford’s portrayal of a futuristic police officer who tracks down human replicants with the intention of terminating them.

Source: LATimes


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