Get 14 pairs of 3D glasses with LG purchase

Ever wonder what you could do with 14 pairs of 3D glasses? We can’t honestly say we have. But here’s an interesting promotion. Amazon is offering 14 pairs of 3D glasses with the purchase of a select LG Cinema 3D HDTV. Buy the 3D TV, which already comes with 4 pairs, and get 10 more pairs free. Talk about overstock. The LG Infinia Cinema 3D HDTVs range in size from 47″ to 65″ — all featuring LED Plus and 120Hz TruMotion technology. The LG 3D glasses are a lighter weight and less expensive (List $24.99) than other 3D glasses on the market, and it looks like both the AG-F200 and AG-F210 models are eligible for the offer. Just add 5 boxes of LG 3D glasses (containing two pairs) to your cart and you’ll see the discounted checkout price. Want to try just for fun? Here’s a link to Amazon.


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