Lionfish invade our oceans!

Who would have thought? Dan Rathers will report on the invasion of the Lionfish in the Western Atlantic and Caribbean ocean waters. This fish, which most have us have only seen in aquariums, is apparently endangering the ocean’s ecosystems as well as the fishing industry.

The fish’s spines are filled with venom and they have tremendous appetites. Although they only average 12″ long, they eat everything in sight!

Scientists say the Lionfish population may have grown out of control as people released them into the waters of Florida when they didn’t want them anymore. According to research, the huge population has built up from just under 10 original female fish.

“You wouldn’t believe the appetites on these fish. We’ve documented almost 60 different species of Caribbean fish in lionfish stomachs,” said Stephanie Green, a researcher with Simon Fraser University.

Want to know more? Check out “Dan Rather Reports: One Feisty Fish” which airs tonight, Jan. 25th on HDNet at 8:00 p.m. ET. If you miss the the premiere, check out an encore at 11:00 p.m. ET.

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