Star Wars on Blu-ray announced at CES

As expected the release date for the Star Wars trilogies on Blu-ray Disc was made at CES today. George Lucas wasn’t there but Darth Vader filled in (we spotted him sneaking out of a closed door at the Panasonic display). Amidst a line-up of vintage Stormtroopers, Vader himself told us both Star Wars trilogies will be released in hi-def this coming September (although no exact date was given). What’s more, Lucas and Co. are promising 30 hours worth of extra content. The two trilogies are currently available for pre-order at $44.99 each ($69.99 MSRP) or $89.99 ($139.99 MSRP) for The Complete Saga containing all six movies. (Of course, Amazon guarantees you’ll pay the lowest price before it ships.) Let’s just hope the boring Blu-ray packaging gets a facelift before shipping (see covers pics below).

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Jeff Chabot

Jeff Chabot

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