Warner Bros taking DVDs for Blu-rays until Nov. 11

The Warner Bros. DVD2BLU promotion taking any DVD in exchange for a Warner Bros. Blu-ray Disc for as little as $4.95 will end November 11. The promotion allows you to select up to 25 titles, and offers free shipping for orders over $35. Check out the eligible titles at dvd2blu.com.

According to Warner Bros, any professionally produced retail DVD (excluding adult films) will qualify for the trade-in. You just purchase the Blu-ray Discs from Warner’s list of eligible titles for $4.95 each (most titles), mail the DVDs without case or artwork to the program’s processing center, and wait for the discs to arrive (in usually 3 to 4 weeks).

Some of the titles eligible include Full Metal Jacket: Deluxe Edition, Eyes Wide Shut: Special Edition, Elf, Assassination of Jesse James, and Any Given Sunday. TV titles include Chuck: Complete First Season, Pushing Daisies: Complete First Season, and Smallville: The Complete Sixth Season.

Warner Bros also continues their RED2BLU program which accepts HD DVDs in exchange for Blu-ray Discs for also as little as $4.95 per title.

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