Star Wars missing scene – Luke adjusts lightsaber


Star Wars Celebration V hosted by Jon Stewart at the Orange County Convention Center in Florida revealed a host of treats for Star Wars fans, including this previously unseen missing footage from Return of the Jedi. Special guest Mark Hamill introduced the clip, which is the first time Luke Skywalker makes an appearance in the film.

In the scene, Luke is seen adjusting his lightsaber while Darth Vader asks him to “join the dark side.” Although the missing footage is interesting, you can see why it was cut from the film — a quicker cut to the lightsaber expanding turned out to be much more effective in the end.

Other footage revealed at the celebration’s “Main Event” include George Lucas as a spokesperson for Panasonic, a vintage Star Wars “Underoos” commercial, and clips from the upcoming animated Star Wars: Clone Wars season on Cartoon Network.


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