Universal Sports and NBC will broadcast Rugby World Cup

Rugby World Cup 2011 LogoThe Rugby World Cup 2011 will be broadcast by Universal Sports Network and NBC, according to the official Rugby World Cup website. Taking place in New Zealand, this will be the first time the Rugby World Cup will be broadcast in the US after the International Rugby Board awarded the networks exclusive US broadcast rights. Universal Sports Network and NBC were also given rights to the 2015 World Cup. NOTE: For U.S. broadcast details refer to this more recent article.

In the US, Universal Sports and NBC will have television and digital rights to all 48 matches of the World Cup. The events will also be available on Universal Sports’ website and mobile platforms.

“Today’s (June 17) announcement represents a significant milestone in the development of Rugby in the United States,” said IRB Chief Executive Mike Miller.

Universal Sports has also broadcast the US College Sevens and the Churchill Cup in US markets this year.

Unfortunately, Universal Sports is currently only offered in standard-definition (you can find the network on the over-the-air sub-channels). One would hope they could get a high-def feed going for next summer’s matches. NBC, of course, will be able to broadcast any of the scheduled matches in HD.

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Jeff Chabot

Jeff Chabot

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5 Replies to “Universal Sports and NBC will broadcast Rugby World Cup”

  1. rugbyaddict says:

    thats not a bad deal, espeically since NBC wont show the finals live.

  2. Mark says:

    From Universal Press Release:

    In total, Universal Sports and NBC Sports will broadcast 10 of the tournament’s 48 matches. The remaining 38 matches will be available live on a residential and commercial pay-per-view basis from leading cable, satellite and iPV providers. Viewers should check TV listings for complete details.

    Online streaming of all 48 matches, including 41 live contests, will be available at UniversalSports.com on a subscription basis. Users will be able to purchase individual matches or a full-tournament package.

    My comment:
    The online streaming of the 38 matches that will not be shown on Universal Sports cost $24.99 per game OR $124.99 (early bird) for all 48 matches = $2.60 per match.

  3. hdreport says:

    In about 60 million cities Universal Sports is offered free over the air alongside NBC. That’s probably your provider demanding that much money. You can try hooking up an antenna and scanning the free digital channels. (Unfortunately Universal Sports is only offered in 480i.) Here’s a reference:


  4. Eric says:

    Just been on the Universal Sports site to see the schedule. $24.99 per game, what a huge rip off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  5. suzy says:

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