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Avatar not working on some Blu-ray players

If you thought you would just pick up a copy of Avatar at midnight on Earth Day, pop it in your BD player and break out the popcorn, you might have been suprised when it had trouble playing. No, there is nothing wrong with the Blu-ray Disc. Avatar will apparently not work on many Blu-ray players without a firmware update. According to a Best Buy service rep this evening, Avatar (in 2D) would not work on 70% of their in-store Blu-ray players before a firmware update. Hold that popcorn. The updates can be made via internet, flash drive or disc. Good news for PS3 owners though, as the system should update itself if needed when the disc is popped in. Read a full review of James Cameron’s Avatar.

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  1. yea this is stupid ….i have a blu-ray player in my alienware laptop and it cant play the movie that my gf got me for christmas ….and of course there will not be an update for this anytime soon ….all i have to say is WTF really?

  2. IT seems to me That the movie makers and the bluerays makers need to get together and put the needed updates in the dvds they sale you.. how can the smart people be so @#$#@##$ .WHAT WAS THEY THINKING DID THEY TRY TO PLAY A MOVIE ..

  3. Yeah — Just upgrade.
    That would be a wonderful thing if the manufacturers were in the loop (or cared) and had that available on release date.
    Samsung HT-BD1250 — Was updated via auto update last year and version is newer than what can be downloaded via web.
    Presss the update in menu today and get “You have the latest firmware”.
    And no update to fix Avatar?? It does eventually play after looking at the you need an update message for a while.

    There’s a disconnect somewhere between blu-ray product and manufacturing. Plus, after a product is a year or so old will they care about writing updates? — I see lots of players going to the landfield in the future because the manufacturers don’t or won’t write the updates. From the business viewpoint why support what is out of warranty? So get ready to shell out a few hundred for a new player every year or two to keep up. I see forward support of blu-ray changes becoming a dependability issue in the near future. Guess time will tell whether there is long term support by manufacturing or customer beware.
    So, — Samsung — listen up — If this is still broke and no update in 30 days or less I never buy your stuff again.
    Time to impress the people who already own your stuff so they can tell everyone they know how ________ your products are.

  4. I have the SamSung BD-1500 and i thought i would have trouble. Well none at all thank God. It is the most beautiful Blue Ray Transfer to date. Just Awesome. When I bought it at Best Buy they could not even play it on their latest blue ray player…go figure!

  5. It’s easy to say “just upgrade” There is NO upgrade available for ANY Samsung BD yet!
    NOTHING!…It is easy to see why they made it a Combo pack…the BD is useless if you own Samsung…at least for now until they “release” a fix…for ALL their players. Jeebus!
    Hurry up and wait! lol

  6. It blows my mind that people still don’t realize this about Bluray. It was an acceptable excuse a year or two ago, but at this point, people are just being dumb. Just update your player…it’s not that difficult, people!


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