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New info on L4D2’s The Passing

Warning! Spoilers Ahead:

One of Valve’s head writers recently appeared on GameTrailers TV to explain a little bit about Left 4 Dead 2‘s upcoming DLC, “The Passing”. Chet Faliszek explained how “the passing” not only refers to the crossing of paths with the original Left 4 Dead cast, it also means that one of those characters has literally passed on.

As it turns out, one of the beloved original cast members — Zoey, Bill, Francis or Louis — will have actually died in the time between Left 4 Dead 1 and Left 4 Dead 2. This, of course, warrants the tag line for the unreleased content, “Nobody Survives Forever”.

According to Faliszek, the DLC will consist of a campaign in which players will meet up with the original survivors. The thing is, however, that there will only be three of the original four left. He also revealed that Valve plans to release further DLC for the original Left 4 Dead in which gamers will play through the events leading up to “The Passing”. One player will actually have to sacrifice themselves in order to let the others survive.

My friend and I have a running bet on who will be the one to die. He says Louis, I say Bill. To find out for sure, we’ll all have to pick up “The Passing” when it comes out later this month.


  1. Although I don’t want any of them to die, I reckon it’s going to be Bill. It’s in character for him, to be willing to sacrifice his own life to save the others. However, Bill is the only one who has had any real military training, so I suppose it could be Louis.

    I don’t reckon it’s going to be Zoey, because in one of the announcements they said that Ellis would develop a crush on her. It probably won’t be Francis either, because they also said that Nick and Francis would either be good friends or enemies because they’re both criminals.

    We’ve just got to wait and see.

  2. I have a feeling its going to be Louis because I just remembered the mistales he made in the first ever Left 4 Dead video. it could be Bill because he is a war hero and is ready to die it cant be Zoey or Francis because we cant lose a female surviver we need to females coming together in The Passing so who thinks its Bill or Louis, it could be Francis or Zoey I hope not though But I wish non of them had to die

  3. “when it come out later this year.”

    To let you know, there was a typo in there and not the reason of my comment…

    I heard, from several sources, that the DLC is coming out in late march, has it been postponed further?


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