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BioWare’s Mass Effect may be heading to Hollywood

With yesterday’s release of their latest and greatest game, BioWare’s project director Casey Hudson has been fielding an awful lot of interest from Hollywood. The subject of interest is, not surprisingly, the epic, character driven world of Mass Effect.

Casey recently told MTV, “Obviously we have a tremendous amount of interest from people in Hollywood to make a major motion picture about Mass Effect. The most important thing for us is, we don’t just want to see a movie get made. We want to see a great movie get made, if it’s going to get done at all.”

Mass Effect has, without a doubt, one of the most developed and believable worlds in gaming’s history. The team at BioWare have poured their souls into creating a beautiful universe in which their characters can live. The question is, will Hollywood pursue the cerebral, mature story lines that BioWare have worked so hard to create, or will the Mass Effect movie get shoe-horned into a violent, machismo-driven action movie? Only time will tell.

For now, however, we can all enjoy Mass Effect 2, in stores as of yesterday, January 26th. Mass Effect 2 has been rated M by the ESRB.


  1. most likely it would turn out bad. most video games turned into movies suck cause there is no plotline. look at max payne.


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