Comcast improves VOD offerings

Comcast has made some announcements which will improve subscriber’s Video On Demand (VOD) experience. The company will offer more new titles in high-definition (HD) the same day the new DVDs are released. Comcast will also extend viewing time on purchased titles to 48-hours rather than 24-hours.

Comcast distribution deals with Warner Bros., Fox, Universal, Summit and MGM will bring many titles to VOD the day of DVD release, although studios like Lionsgate and Disney keep a short window between DVD and VOD releases.

Extended viewing time with all of Comcast’s VOD titles will be available this month. While some studios call it a testing period, others like Disney plan on making the extended viewing time a permanent change.

Some movies this month that will offer 48-hour HD viewing time:

He’s Just Not that Into You (6/2)
Gran Torino (6/9)
The Cell 2 (6/16)
My Bloody Valentine available in (3D and HD) (6/16)
Friday the 13th (6/16)
Inkheart (6/23)
12 Rounds (6/30)
Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li (6/30)

Other movies available for the 48-hour viewing period:

New in Town
Octane and Kaidan
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Last Chance Harvey

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2 Replies to “Comcast improves VOD offerings”

  1. Brad.R. says:

    that’s cool. for the price you pay you should get it for a week just like blockbuster

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