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Sony provides HD equipment for Dallas Cowboys

Sony was named the “Official HD Television” of the Dallas Cowboys and will provide over 3,000 LCD displays for the team’s new stadium, as well as HD cameras and production equipment. The new stadium will have its own in-house TV network, with Sony HD equipment delivering and displaying the content.

The announcement from the Dallas Cowboys and Sony also hinted at the use of Blu-ray Disc players and Playstation systems to enhance the stadium’s network.

Sony high-definition LCD displays will range from 19 to 70 inches and be connected via RS-232 interface to a Cisco IPTV network.

The stadium’s control room will use a Sony MVS-8000G production switcher, PDW-HD1500 decks, and BVM and LUMA LCD displays. Sony HD cameras will include the HDC-1450 and XDCAM HD PDW-700 models.

“Our new stadium will be an entertainment destination, and more than just a great place to watch a game,” said Jerry Jones, owner and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys.

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