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Blu-ray/PS3 combo discs coming in ’09

Last week Sony revealed to Video Business the next PS3/Blu-ray marketing strategy. This year you will see a Blu-ray/Videogame combo disc released, maybe even three. Sony’s trojan horse, the gaming console that plays Blu-ray Discs, is still the bastion of hope.

In the article PS3 rep John Koller talked about marrying the concept of making a game from a movie by offering a disc that contains both. If the marriage is confirmed, we may be looking at combo disc with an MSRP somewhere between $70 and $80.

Will gamers pay an extra $15-$20 on top of a $60 gaming disc for the Blu-ray movie? We’ll have to wait and see. Something to peak your interest may be the ability to transfer the movie to a PlayStation Portable.

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  1. I’m waiting patiently for LOTR on blu-ray. Thought the TNT presentation was lacking. How about a six pack, LOTR trilogy with 3 PS3 games on the discs?!

  2. Id go for it, a James Bond movie/game package would be cool

    Though I’d rather have movie trilogies bundled together on one disk (say, a re-release of the LOTR trilogy on blu-ray on a single disk)


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