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Sony aims for big Blu-ray sales within next few years

Sony said it expects Blu-ray to reign in profits close to $10 billion annually within three years. The company also said its gaming business would be profitable by the end of the fiscal year in March, 2009, much in part to increased PS3 software sales as well as lowered PS3 production costs.

That’s according to a Video Business article yesterday. The article also mentioned that Sony expects its liquid-crystal-display TV business to be the world’s largest within three years. For the first quarter 2008, Sony followed Samsung’s 20% of LCD sales with a 13% share.

Market Penetration
Sony estimates that 15 million Blu-ray players and PS3 game consoles have been sold worldwide (the total includes the Blu-ray built-in player included with the PS3.) Analysts expect Blu-ray sales to more than triple this year, mainly because the Toshiba discontinuing x-rival HD DVD format.


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