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HD Radio ready for 2008

hd radioLook out satellite radio! The HD Radio Alliance will start the second wave of its marketing campaign starting today. This includes new radio broadcasts, logos and messaging to get HD radio products into consumer’s hands.

With consumer awareness at 77% (according to Critical Mass Media), the HD Radio Alliance will now attempt to get HD radios into more cars and homes in 2008. Peter Ferrara, president and CEO of the HD Digital Radio Alliance said, “Now is the time to convert consumer awareness into purchasing action.

HD Radio, like free over-the-air digital and high-definition television, offers more channel options to listeners by using multi-casting. Because digital signals require less bandwidth than analog, broadcasters are able to fit additional channels into one licensed bandwidth.

HD Radio has successfully made this technology available to consumers. Digital broadcasts are clean and crisp signals that sound as good as CDs. And, there is no subscription required to receive the programming. All you need is a digital radio hooked up to an antenna.

On the flip side, DTV (digital television) has not done a good job of making consumers aware of over-the-air television broadcasts. Although the government has been making the public aware of the analog shut-off scheduled for February of 2009, not much effort has been made to make viewers aware of the broadcasting possibilities of DTV, which also includes high-definition broadcasts.


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