In a Blu-world, does the consumer win?

There is at least one great thing that has happened during the format war. It’s that the competition drove down the price of high definition hardware and media. The recent aggressive pricing moves by Toshiba have got to have Sony boiling, but for the consumer, it’s a good thing.

Don’t we all want what’s best for the consumer? About a year ago a YouTube video has reporter Wayde Robson questioning Sony’s potential rule over disc formats.

“Let me get this straight. The company that makes the movie, also wants to create the disc format, it also builds the hardware, writes an extra digital rights management incription. Why don’t you just buy a house in a Sony gated community?”

“…there is an important principal at stake here. The trouble is when one company controls the media, controls the content, controls the hardware, whose interests are being served? Why should they bother to innovate?”

Here is a link to the full video:

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