How HD DVD could have won…

Or at least still be in the competition…

A week after Warner announced it would go exclusive with Blu-ray, Toshiba announces it will step up an aggressive campaign to combat rival format Blu-ray disc. But is it way too late for extreme measures? Here are a few things Toshiba could have done.

1. Toshiba could have included an HD DVD player in the xBox 360 (while keeping the price lower than PS3)
2. Could have sold the xBox 360 HD DVD add-on player for $49
3. They should have had standalone $149 players a year ago (even if only 720/1080i)
4. Should have lowered movie prices well below Blu-ray’s prices
5. Toshiba should have looked into their crystal ball to foresee Warner’s announcement on the eve of CES ’08, and worked on a major announcement of their own.

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