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Verizon setting their goals too high?

Sourcing a press release from Verizon, the company says it will initially double its current number of HD channels (which varies from market to market but seems be in the mid 20’s in most), to more than 60 which will include additional sports channels, by Spring 2008.

150 seems to be a high expectation. If they reach 60 by the Spring of 2008, reaching 150 by the end of 2008 would mean more than doubling the amount of channels in two seasons. Does Verizon mean that they will have 150 HD capable channels? Meaning, they are ready to broadcast HD but don’t necessarily have HD content to broadcast?

Satellite competitor DirecTV has 100 channels planned by end of 2007, with approximately 70 available today. Now it seems the capabilities are catching up with the content. Engineers on all service platforms have been scrambling to retrofit any equipment to facilitate the upgrade, but will there be content to fill all these channels?

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