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Conflicting reports on new HD DVD drive

There are conflicting reports that Microsoft will or will not release a new version of its Xbox 360 add-on HD DVD drive. While PC World UK wrote that there is in fact a new drive planned for 2008, Gizmodo reports later Thursday, September 20 that this was simply a rumor.

According to PC World UK, “Microsoft will launch an updated HD DVD drive for the Xbox 360 in 2008, it said at its 25th hardware anniversary in London today.”

“Mark Bennett, Microsoft’s European business development director for HD DVD, demonstrated the technology’s advanced interactive features and pointed out that Paramount, Universal Studios and many Warner Brothers high definition titles are exclusive to HD DVD.”

However Gizmodo, reporting later in the day, states that “Microsoft tells us that the information pointing to a new HD DVD drive in 2008 is a misquote and there is no plan to release a new HD DVD drive for the Xbox 360.”

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