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Blockbuster missing out on HD DVD rentals

Walked into a Blockbuster last night. Wanted to rent a high definition disc. I own an HD DVD player. All they had was a wall of Blu-ray Disc. I walked out.

Does that make any sense? Blockbuster will be turning away customers because they want to be partial to a disc format? That’s like a computer store only selling one brand of PCs. Complete insanity.

There has got to be a deal in the works. Blockbuster is a “movie rental” company, not an electronics company. Just get it overwith so I can rent Van Helsing, Jarhead, and Assault on Precinct 13 on HD DVD — and any other movies that I would love to see in high definition but wouldn’t want to pay $25 to own.

It’s pretty obvious the two formats will be around for a long time. With HD DVD backed by Universal, Warner, and now Paramount and Dreamworks, and Blu-ray backed by Sony, Fox, Disney, MGM, Lionsgate, and Warner, I can’t imagine an end to this battle. and HD DVD (backed by Universal, Warner, and now Paramount).

So get in on the action Blockbuster, before I take my business over to Hollywood Video.

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