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Where are all the Digital Converters?

I’ve looked high and low, and for the life of me cannot find a digital to analog TV converter anywhere. Radio Shack used to carry them. Not anymore. Ebay, you would think, would have at least a few sellers anticipating the 2009 conversion to digital television broadcasts. But I didn’t find one.

Does anyone realize what they are missing out on? Free digital television channels, some in HD, are buzzing through the airwaves just waiting to be captured by a set-top, rooftop, or even one of those attic antennas that my grandpa used to have.

I’ve got to tell you that I have a rusty old rooftop antenna, that is missing half of its tentacles, but the broadcasts are fantastic. The HD, except for an occasional drop out, is perfect. Ask anyone who has both HD programming through satellite or cable, and over-the-air. They will tell you that the over-the-air image is better. And, it is uncompressed audio.

What viewers, consumers, or whatever you would call them, fail to understand is that broadcasting through miles of wire, or bouncing off satellite dishes and repeaters, does some degradation to the signal. An over-the-air signal has no degradation. It comes straight from the broadcast center.

No, I won’t be quiet Mr. Cable and Mr. Satellite. I know you don’t want the world to know about free television programming. But you better watch out, HD Radio may let the secret out.

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