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Miami Vice Review – HD DVD release

Crockett and Tubs are back from the 80’s! This is actually a really good film, and the scenery in hi def is fantastic. But anyone expecting it to be just like the TV show should watch it with an open mind. I mean come on, would you really want a movie with a TV script? No.

The boys get involved with taking down an extremely dangerous drug cartel. And, of course Crockett makes matters worse by getting involved with the drug lords woman. Colin Farrell is off and on. His strange accent which seems to wanna be Don Johnson, but can’t quite get there, is slightly annoying and unfinished. But this can be overlooked.

Jamie Foxx is more believable as Ricardo Tubbs.

Compared to a lot of the high end movies out there that just flop, I expected a flop and it didn’t. Amidst mixed reviews, I give this one 3.5 stars and would look forward to a sequel.

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