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CES 2007: Sony/Blu-ray steal the show

Support for Blu-ray was so overwelmingly evident at the CES convention in the Las Vegas Convention Center. The amount of displays using Blu-ray technology and content was impressive, including Panasonic, Pioneer, Samsung and the absolutely gorgeous image coming from the record breaking 108″ Sharp plasma screen. In fact, they had two of those screens and it was still hard to get a front row seat.

From the perspective of this convention, it appeared that Blu-ray clearly had the edge in the race for HD format domination. But with 2 out of 3 consumers knowing what HD DVD is and not Blu-ray, will HD DVD be able capitalize on that edge?

The only thing not impressive was the title line up – HD DVD seems to have a slightly better edge on movies, with Blu-ray releasing movies that just don’t seem to appeal to the HD enthusiasts…Chicago? A Christmas Story? The Last Waltz? Enron?

However, if you ask people what they will remember when they leave CES, I’m sure they will say “Blu-ray”

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