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HD Radio trying for holiday rush

hd radio logoIn response to the article in Reuters about HD Radio pushing distribution and ads for X-Mas 2006: Last year was the push for Satellite, with Sirius leading the way but XM Radio with great distribution and comparable prices. This year it is HD, which sounds great with SRS surround sound and is free (where HD signals are required). Looking at BestBuy it seems that the units they offer are also either XM or Sirius ready. But the hd radios I pulled up also need an additional HD tuner. So HD Radio is getting as complicated as HDTV/Movies. No doubt it is a great product (HD Radio) however the retailers seem to be having enough trouble pushing HD televisions. What would you rather invest in?

I already have Sirius radio – the quality is great. Do I need to get an HD reciever to find whatever digital channels may be out there? I have enough trouble searching through all the satellite channels! Not to mention that I have a 20gb iPod to search through. And what about driving the car?

There are so many new advancements out there. It seems almost impossible for the consumers to stay up-to-date. And, if the HD Radio channels is as limited as the HD television channels, I think I’ll stick with my Sirius and iPod library for now.

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