Google seeking Internet TV media partners

google_logo_clrGoogle has been seeking media partners to bring traditional broadcast television channels online. The Wall Street Journal reports the tech giant is proposing what the industry refers to as an “over the top” TV service, named so because it would piggy back on existing broadband networks. Sources close to WSJ say Google has been meeting with media companies for the last few months. One source claims to have seen a demonstration of Google’s Internet TV product, although no other details were revealed.

Google is certainly not alone this effort. Intel Corp. and Sony Corp. are both apparently working on products that would also bring traditional television channels online. And, it’s no secret Apple has been working on deals for several years now to bring convention TV channels to the Apple TV product. But the question remains whether or not these tech companies can match bids by cable and satellite providers. Or, will they simply have to settle for streaming select programming the way online streaming services like Hulu and Netflix do.

The stakes could be extremely high if any of these tech companies were to break the conventional TV broadcast model. For one, you can bet any online streaming technology would, or at least have the ability to, skip over advertisements.

Google’s ventures in television include their Google Fiber service, Google TV software, and of course YouTube.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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