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Save 50%: Sony 43″ 4K HDR TV Only $648

Occasionally you find a deal like this. Amazon is selling a 43" 4k TV that supports HDR for $648 -- that's 50% off the original sticker price of $1,299.

Will Lack of Bandwidth Cause 4K/Ultra-HD To Fizzle?

Could lack of bandwidth from the existing digital service infrastructure cause the burgeoning 4K/Ultra-HD technology to fizzle out before it even gets a foothold in the marketplace? Technology analysts and video engineers seem to think so.

Sony reveals pricing on new Ultra ‘4k’ LED HDTVs

Sony has announced pricing on their new XBR Ultra 4k HDTVs with LED display technology, and surprisingly the numbers are not all that outrageous....

CEA Makes It Official: Ultra HD Introduced

The Consumer Electronics Association made it official on Thursday-- the next generation of high-definition television will be known as Ultra High-Definition (Ultra HD).

DirectTV Takes Long View on Ultra-HDTV

DirectTV, Inc. indicated that the satellite pay-TV company will be increasing its efforts to offer Ultra-HDTV transmissions by 2016, and begin switching off any remaining vestiges of the old Standard-Def spectrum in favor of full HD channels.

LG boasts largest 3D Ultra HD display

LG showed off their new 84-inch 3D LCD display this week at the Society for Information Display (SID) convention in Seattle, Washington. Wait, are...

Broadcast 1080p a reality? DISH says yes.

Dish announced today plans to set a new standard for high-definition (HD) broadcasting. The company says it will offer 1080p resolution, or what could...

33 megapixel Super Hi-Vision (Ultra HDTV) for 2015

Engadget reports, 1080p and QuadHD / 4K can take a step back. The Japanese government has announced plans to bring Super Hi-Vision (also known...

How big is too big?

Sony just unveiled a 70-inch LCD panel, their latest entry into the race for the biggest HDTV. But it still doesn't come close to...

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