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Which Will Win The Holidays: PS4 Pro or Xbox One X?

They say the old console wars are over and aren't coming back. A combination of fewer exclusives, rising development costs, and largely similar console designs...

Are 4K Consoles Worth Buying As Multimedia Devices?

I remember getting a PlayStation 2 a couple of weeks before Christmas day in the year 2000. My cousin took a holiday job at...

A Lack of Exclusives Is Hurting 4K Gaming Consoles

Some time ago, I had the privilege of playing the PlayStation Pro at an industry event under conditions which you could easily describe as...

Why Is Replacing Video Game Console Parts So Difficult?

Recently, I felt like my computer was running a bit slow whenever I had multiple applications open. So, I decided to purchase an extra...

When Will 4K Gaming Become the Industry Standard?

Shortly after the Xbox 360 was released, gamers who played the new console on older, standard definition televisions complained that certain games essentially required a high...