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How To Cut-the-Cord and Watch Free HD Channels Over-the-Air

Have you been thinking about "cutting the cord" and going with internet-only based programming from a service such as CBS All Access, Sling TV,...

HDTV over the air – What do you need?

There seems to be a lot of interest these days in getting high-definition television and movies over-the- air. This page will tell you what you need to get started to get HD programming and movies in your home or office using just an antenna -- no cable or satellite service required.

Getting free HD channels over-the-air

Getting HD channels for free is not rocket science. And, it has nothing to do with an illegal cable hook-up that your neighbor can...

PBS gets full-time Nielsen TV ratings

The New York Times reported that PBS, as of today, will start receiving full-time television ratings from the Nielsen Company (they previously received monthly...

Getting free HD channels

Did you know you don't have to subscribe to cable, satellite, fiber-optic or IPTV services to get HD channels? A limited number of high-definition...

How to get HD channels over-the-air

You've seen that commercial for the DTV transition right? Well, they don't mention the best part about digital transmissions. You can get free HD...