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If 3D happens, it will be glasses-free

Is 3D really going to change the way we watch TV? And, if less than 1% of U.S. households* own a 3D television today...

Philips to ship first wireless 3D Blu-ray player

At CES 2011, Philips announced the first wireless HDMI 3D Blu-ray player, scheduled to ship in April, 2011. With just one cord for power,...

CES 2011 Hot Spots

From the looks of CES 2011 it seems the economy is getting better, or at least people are optimistic about it. The Las Vegas...

Vizio launches tablet and smartphone

HDTV manufacturer Vizio has jumped into the mobile business with the launch of both a tablet and smartphone under the Vizio brand. The Vizio...

New Samsung affordable HD cam features Switch Grip

Samsung's latest affordable HMX-Q10 HD handycam features a new innovation called Switch Grip, which allows right- or left-handed users to easily control the camera....