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Now you can play ‘Bioshock’ on your iPad & iPhone

It's only been about 7 years since Bioshock released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC. Now you can enter Rapture on your Apple iPad,...

Return to Rapture – ‘Bioshock 2’ trailer released

2K has released a trailer for the sequel to Bioshock appropriately called Bioshock 2. The next adventure in Rapture is scheduled for Fall '09...

‘Bioshock’ finally out for PS3

You've waited forever and now it's here - BioShock for Playstation 3. From 2k, the makers of the 2007 hit game Bioshock for Xbox...

BioShock PS3 ready for download

No longer will PS3 gamers have to wait for Bioshock, the game that sent Xbox 360 sales into orbit last year. The Bioshock demo...