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10 Movie Gems Under $8 From Google Play

google-play-hd-movies-under-8-1280pxGoogle Play has discounted about 100 Digital HD titles for under $8 each, and among them are 10 movies you might consider purchasing. OK, so maybe not all are exactly what you might call “gems,” but nevertheless entertaining movies you can add to your digital library for cheap.

Among the selected titles we suggest are the action films Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter on sale for $6.99, Swordfish for $6.99, and The Last Samurai for $7.99.

In the thriller/horror genre there’s Devil’s Advocate for $6.99 and Stanley Kubric’s The Shining for $7.99.

For comedies you should pick up Big Momma’s House for $4.99 or Office Space for $6.99.

Google Play Digital HD Selected Titles Under $8

  1. Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter $6.99 (Reg. $14.99)
  2. Big Momma’s House $4.99 (REg. $14.99)
  3. Blow $7.99 (Reg. $12.99)
  4. Devil’s Advocate $6.99 (Reg. $12.99)
  5. Office Space $6.99 (Reg. $14.99)
  6. Pan’s Labyrinth $7.99 (Reg. $12.99)
  7. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves $6.99 (Reg. $12.99)
  8. Swordfish $6.99 (Reg. $12.99)
  9. The Last Samurai $7.99 (Reg. $12.99)
  10. The Shining $7.99 (Reg. $12.99)

Some already discounted titles worth considering:

  • Descendents 2 $7.99
  • How to Be a Latin Lover $7.99
  • Knowing $7.99
  • The Piano $7.99
  • Transporter 3 $7.99
  • Tyler Perry’s Temptation $7.99

Here’s a link directly to the Google Play “HD Under $8” sale.

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