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These Dish Channels Can Only Be Viewed On HD or 4k TVs

Are you still keeping that old tube TV or early flat-panel standard definition TV around? You won’t be able to view these channels if you’re a Dish Network subscriber because the channels are only broadcast in HD.

Most channels offered through Dish, DirecTV, Comcast and other TV providers are available in both standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD). And, usually the provider has a setting that allows you to hide duplicate SD channels so you only see HD (Read: How To Remove SD channels On Dish).

But with these nine networks there are no SD feeds to tune-in to. The channels are only available on Dish Network in HD include Centric, Crime & Investigation, HBO Zone, Logo, MGM, RetroPlex, Universal HD, Velocity, and Z Living.

To view the channels in HD you need an HDTV or Ultra HD TV, Dish HD receiver, and corresponding Dish service package. Here are the networks and channel locations for your reference.

Dish Network HD-only Channels

  • Centric (Ch. 251)
  • Crime & Investigation (Ch. 249)
  • HBO Zone (Ch. 308)
  • Logo (Ch. 254)
  • MGM (Ch. 385)
  • RetroPlex (Ch. 379)
  • Universal HD  (Ch. 247)
  • Velocity (Ch. 246)
  • Z Living (Ch. 191)

There may be more networks in HD-only that we have not listed. If you have something to add please use the comments below.

DISH Network HD Channels


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