Movies Anywhere app updated for iOS 10 & iPhone X

movies-anywhere-logo-720pxThe new Movies Anywhere app has a brand new update that brings support for offline (downloaded) viewing of movies on Apple devices running iOS 10. The feature allows users to save movies to their devices while connected to the internet, so that later on the titles can be viewed where no internet is available.

In addition, the newest update (Version 1.0.5) of the Movies Anywhere app also adds support for Apple iPhone X, the latest release from Apple that features an 5.8” OLED display, HDR color support, and other improvements that make it one expensive smartphone starting at $999.

Movies Anywhere is a new service backed by 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures, Universal, Disney and Warner Bros. that can bring separate digital movie libraries from services such as Amazon, Disney, Google, Apple iTunes, and Vudu all into one place. The service utilizes Disney’s KeyChest for managing digital licenses.

Movies Anywhere Links Titles From Amazon, Disney, Google, iTunes, & Vudu


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