How To Watch & Download 4k Ultra HD Titles on Fandango

fandangonow-logo-on-blkFandango is yet another streaming video service that supports 4k Ultra HD resolution, and select titles are even available to download for watching later. Among the movies available streaming in 4k are blockbusters such as F8: The Fate of the Furious, The Martian, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

Movies such as Transformers: The Last Knight, Wonder Woman, and The Dark Tower, and GOTG V2 are among the almost 40 titles listed on Fandango’s website available to download.

Fandango is supported on the Roku 4 and higher streaming media players, select LG UHD TVs, and select Samsung UHD and SUHD TVs (although HDR is only on the SUHD models).

On Samsung 4k TVs, you can watch titles in 4k through the VIDITY 4K Ultra HD internet-connected app.

HDR titles, however, are limited and only available for download, which means you also need to have a Vidity-enabled device. The storage device must be connected via USB 2.0. (Read more about Vidity.)


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